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We have combined many years of experience in busniess and modeling to create a platform for models to become business leaders Our models have it all—the powers of beauty and mind


We place our modesl in the driver's seat to steer a successful career

You got the looks and talent; we got the executives' expertise, tools and means to help you stand out from the crowd


Our Definition of Success

Get on board with MEXE and take control of your career in the modeling, promotional and entertainment industries. The possibilities are unlimited

Agencies and Business Clients

Tiered, Customized Services

Our services are tiered to suit your busniess needs, from providing professional models for your marketing project to marketing to comprehensive business-to-business services through our parent company.

We offer our clients comprensive services based on market research and field-based experience, complimented by exceptional talents aquired through our business network.

We are within reach


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